For our clients who request a "Turnkey" service, Indecosa carries out all the project and administrative procedures necessary for the perfect development of their projects:

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    • Construction projects
    • Activity projects for any type of business
    • Management of urban licenses
    • Plans
    • Urban reports
    • Feasibility reports
    • In France: Building permit, draft opening licences for Establishments Receiving the Public, ERP in category 5.
    • Project management in shopping centres with ECOP in Spain and with "Pilôte" in France.

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    • Design project, comprehensive advice on interior architecture.
    • Production of computer-simulated perspective renders.
    • Design of workspaces in accordance with current labour regulations.

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    • Technical report prior to signing a lease contract for commercial premises.
    • Electrical installation projects, air conditioning installation projects.
    • General dimensioning of installations.
    • Legalisations.