Indecosa France

In 2011, Indecosa began its expansion in France with Indecosa France.

INDECOSA FRANCE, established in 2011 and located in Toulouse, carries out all the works in France. For this, it has bilingual French-Spanish staff located in the Côte d'Azur and Paris region. Indecosa France also has a network of French suppliers for the work of installations that require knowledge of national standards and that are subject to inspections by control bodies. Indecosa France has all the legal requirements to operate as a construction company in French territory as well as its civil liability and decennial insurance mandatory in France to be able to work on any interior design work.

Since its inception in 2011, Indecosa France has not stopped growing, more and more customers have trusted Indecosa in France, and also its network of local collaborators expands year after year.

Indecosa France's French customers are served entirely in French but Indecosa France relies on its network of Spanish suppliers for many of the work to be done. And so, it achieves a competitive advantage at the level of prices and commitment with its French competitors.

Service for the expansion to the International

Thanks to its implementations in France, INdecosa is designed for the Spanish client who wants to expand in France since it will be served in any language that suits it best and will be able to solve all the problems of opening new stores in French territory.

In the same way, INDECOSA is the ideal company for the French client who wants to expand in Spain. You will benefit from the full potential of a company based throughout Spain but serving its client as if it were in your country.

Indecosa has carried out works in several countries such as Italy (Milan), Sweden (Stockholm), Germany (Stutgart), Andorra for both Spanish and international clients.

Indecosa can also offer you all its services in the co-principality of Andorra and in Portugal, 2 already well-known countries of INdecosa.